After the bachelor’s degree at the faculty of architecture in Venice, he moved to Milan in order to complete his education with a master degree in Interior at the Polytechnique School of Design (SPD). During these experiences, he met several companies, developing a keen attention to the product knowledge and falling in love with “..a single sight capturing architectures” . He collaborated with prof. Gianni Forcolini in a “Light Lab”” and with prof. Francesco Scullica as material expert in interior design. Enrico Deganello conceive the design as an employee of men created by the purpose of accompanying him in his ceaseless physical and psychological evolution.


Paolo Albertelli lives and works in Turin. His architectural practice specialises in the study and development of both public and private fountains and the placement of transparent elements near to pre-existing historical buildings. He participated in several national and international competitions and has won several awards including a second place in the International competition for the expansion of the “Villa della Regina” in Turin. His passion for the mountains and nature has lead him to collaborate with artists and landscape designers in the realization of far-reaching projects and to create limited edition artworks, using a wide range of raw materials from metal, to wood and resin..


Born in 1974. He lives and works in the nearby of Turin. Passionate about information technology, in 1993 he achieves the Industrial Diploma at I.T.I.S Enzo Ferrari in Susa. He worked for ten years in some metal engineering companies gaining a valuable experience in the metal manufacturing. He attended courses in certified 3D modeling agencies by developing a reliable and qualified working method. Since 2005 he is the owner of the MGM 3D design studio mainly occupied in the transformation of entrepreneurs, engineers, architects and designers ideas into a 3D physically realizable model.


Architect, born in 1978. He has worked with many professionals of the sector since 2003. Here some well-know studio: “Archiellestudio”,”Studio65”,”Studio C&C”, P. Albertelli and Mariagrazia Abbaldo’s studio of architectures and sculptures. In 2005 he found “SPAZIO NAT” in order to develop new design and graphic ideas. In 2006 “SPAZIO NAT” extends its branches realizing independently projects and landscape’s architecture. Since 2014, he has collaborated as external designer with MABELE a brand that realizes metal interior design and architectures taking advantages from the opportunity to develop public and private construction site in and outside Italy.


Lana+Savettiere architetti has worked with several companies in the development of new industrial products like taps and fittings or interior and urban furniture design. Our firm usually works closely with the company, listening to its needs, defining the problems related to the creation of a new product and then imaging possible solutions fixing the features of the project. The result is the creation of simple and elegant objects, responding to a need and easily recognisable. The expertise gained in various sectors, allows Lana+Savettiere Architects to provide customers a complete service in all the phases of the product design.


Born in California, he grows in Santa Barbara near the sea. Fascinated by the only element characterizing this aquatic environment, it develops an interest in the multiple creative opportunities that nature provides. Fascinated by the design nature of things and driven by the curiosity to explore alternative ideas, he attended the course of industrial design at the “Art Center College of Design” in Pasadena, where he graduated in materials science. He has won numerous awards and his works are unique, original creations born from the continuous interaction of the individual with his surroundings


Studio 06 is a working group from Turin (Italy), who works in architecture, interior and product design. Was founded in 2006 by collaboration between the engineer Roberto Guadrini (1980) and architects Massimo Guglielmotto (1981) and Paolo Mattiolo (1981), but the first steps are already being moved before, during their university years at “Politecnico di Torino”. In 2012 adds Massimiliano Turra (1983) as business manager. Studio 06 won several awards and competitions like “Grand Designs Awards 2010” category Best Lighting Design with Furà lamp, “Promosedia International Design Competition 2011” with Less chair and “Porada Furniture Design Award 2012” with MyHome library.


The architect Giorgio Giorgis lives and works in Turin. For more than a decade he has been working with metalworking at the service of art and design. He collaborates with national and international artists such as Michelangelo Pistoletto, Gilberto Zorio, Matali Crasset, Susy Gomez, Lara Favaretto, etc., helping in the creation of their artworks. He develops its own design projects or third parties’s through the use of CNC technology. His motto “ease of understanding and vision” is the theme of his creations, even when these hide very sophisticated technologies.


The Bellavista Piccini Architetti studio born in the city of Meda, Milano. Giancarlo Bellavista trained at the Federico II of Naples with Riccardo Dalisi, Matteo Piccini at the Polytechnic University of Milan with Pierluigi Cerri. A heterogeneous mix of rigor and eclecticism that looks at design as a confluence of multiple disciplines ranging from art to literature. United by the pleasure of continuous confrontation, they are committed to overcoming individuality in a constant dialogue. In their studio they experiment the use of alternative materials for the realization of prototypes of new products. The study deals with architecture and design


Born in 1982, he lives in the nearby of Milan and from there, since five years, he takes care of industrial, interior and graphic design. He studied industrial design at the Polytechnic of Milan, but since he was a child, he was attracted by objects design and the discovery of new situations and methods.


Born in Cuneo. From 1996 to 2003 he studied and graduated in Car Design at I.A.A.D. of Turin, he obtained professional degrees in Film Animation, Graphics and Communications, and at the Italian School of Design in Padua. In 1996 he founded Studio Imago which works for TV animation productions :. From 1999 he devoted himself to industrial design, he works for many important International companies in any creative field: Design, Graphic, Illustration, Arts. Recently started to produce their own projects collaborating with skilled craftsmen and materials such as wood, metal, cardboard with particular attention to the issue of ECO sustainability.


Eugenia Minerva was born in 1978 in the South of Italy. In 2005 she graduated with an architecture degree, with a specialization in Industrial Design, from the University of Pescara (Italy). She worked for many companies in interior and retail design, and for some studios about yacht design and product design between Rome and Pescara. Actually she lives and works in Pescara where she opened since 2008 her own design studio [me]design, working in interior, furniture and product design.In 2011 won the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD HONOURABLE MENTION for PETALO, valet stand manufactured by TON a.s.