Past and present, knowledge and creativity, solid metal against floating ideas, especially the ones of architects, designers and professionals of the sector. Every idea, for Mabele, is a new challenge to face and win. Since the Seventies, the firm has been the beating heart of creativity, where desires and one’s exigencies materially shaped. Care and attention devote to metalworking and finishing can be comparable to the care that a tailor shows sewing a custom-made suit. The engine of do it: the passion about metal manufacture, a 360° process aims to create more evolved, personalized and unique works. Mabele enables design and produce every kind of architecture, even the most sophisticated ones, working independently and collaborating with designers or outer architecture firms. The enterprise is equipped with most innovative machines such as: CUTTING LASER, WELDING, BENDING, FROSTING, BRUSHING AND PICKLING processes, further than special work station reserved for handmade operations where the expertise performed by artisans gives uniqueness to works.